eBay Dropshipping Virtual Assistant

Tired of dealing with unintelligible, angry & nasty buyers for your eBay Dropshipping?
Our experienced Virtual Assistants will do all the customer support for you and much more.
Stop crushing your head and outsource the most annoying job in the eBay Dropshipping.
Hire a reliable Virtual Assistant for your dropshipping business for starting price just $5 per hour from THE OWL Squad.


Let us help you with;
Order fulfillment,
Responding to customer messages and queries;
Processing cases and returns;
Communicating with eBay and your suppliers;
Removing Negative feedbacks and defects;
Listing items(SEO or Snipped);
Experience with almost all Listing software on the marker;
Experience with almost all market research and helping tools on the market;
What else you are receiving;
🌟1 week test period for each new customer. (not full time);
You can train your VA with the way you want and the approach which you believe it’s the best. We will fit your needs.
🌟Direct Skype contact with your personal Virtual Assistant.
You can always chat with your VA via his company private Skype account or his Gmail account.
🌟Live support here on our Facebook Page;
If you need to discuss something with us about your project, we are always here for you.
🌟Reliability for your eBay Dropshipping;
You forget about all the worries like “Is my VA going to answer me”, “Is my VA going to come to work today” because we are not freelancers.
🌟Professionalism in the best possible level;
Approximately already two years we are always improving our services to become better and better for you;
🌟Experienced and high performing services;
Everyone from our team has at least 1-year experience in the task in which it will be assigned. Most of the eBay Dropshipping Virtual Assistants from THE OWL Squad have even two and more years.
Stop wasting your time, enjoy your life properly.





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