35+ Advices/Tips & 5+ Tools To Improve Your Ebay Dropshipping Business

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More than 30 advices to keep your eBay Dropshipping Account in good standing in 2018.

How to maintain your eBay Dropshipping Business in a perfect shape and at the same time to increase your conversions, sales & profits.


Hello, fellows DropShippers.

Thank you for showing interest in this eBay DropShipping topic.

I need to say firstly that here we are not speaking BS and I can only guarantee you one thing;

If you follow these tips from OWL-Squad for sure, you will have much more success than you have ever had.

Collected over the years and with lots of research, we dare say that these are the most important things.

For some of them, we can not be sure if they work in reality, myths may be said.


Let’s introduce ourselves in a nutshell because it is still important to know from whom comes all the information.


OWL-Squad, a company for hiring professionally trained virtual assistants for eBay DropShipping and creating Shopify Stores.

You can check our services HERE.

Let’s get back to the point that really matters now.

We have decided to actually do this blog post to give guidance to our current and future customers; how is best and right to take care of your eBay account.

A little further, you’ll get the information you need, consisting of more than 35 tips and instructions for improving your eBay DropShipping Business. As well, we will try to add and some useful softwares and tools.

Most of them are actually our proven partners, you can check them all HERE.

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Let get to real stuff, THE ADVICES.


1. Respond to messages as quickly as possible(You can download a Chrome Extension called Done4Today where you can create email templates and make your life easier, HERE)


  1. Dispatch your orders as quickly as possible.


  1. Do not leave cases to be closed without your interference.


  1. Treat the returns as quickly as possible.


  1. Add the tracking numbers as quickly as possible(You can check HERE a tool that will help you automatically to add your trackings, immediately)


  1. Browse more often on eBay, without a specific purpose, add sellers to watch, bid for auctions that you could not win, act like a real seller, not like a drop-shipper.


  1. Do not log in from many different IP addresses, never from public open networks.


  1. List from time to time manually, without a lister ( if you need a proper lister+repricer that combines everything needed for full optimization, you can check HERE)


  1. Leave feedbacks, often.


  1. Run sponsored listings.


  1. Do not change the prices of your listings frequently.


  1. Run listings in a different quantity in stock.


  1. Use different margins for different listings.


  1. Change the MPN and UPC/EAN sometimes with your personal / depends on the purpose of the listing / ( You can buy unique UPC from eBay)


  1. Regularly, it’s nice to have a day off from making listings / not Saturday and Sunday because the traffic is big.


  1. Try to post listings and with 30 days(these are sponsored at the beginning and at the end) and GTC.


  1. Play with the product description, change it a bit (add something from you, add your title in the bullet points, change It, play with it. You can use and Article Spinner, check HERE.)


  1. Optimize photos (effects, collages, stickers, sizes), minimum 6 photos. You can download Paint Me for that purpose and Fotor for making beautiful collages.


  1. If the brand is small, you don’t need to add it to item specifics. Add keywords in that place.(Keywordtooldominator it’s very good and reliable for that purpose, features also YouTube, Google, Etsy, and Amazon, you can check it HERE)


  1. Add more specifications to the listings with important keywords.


  1. Optimize titles. Use paid tools(Zik Analytics, the owner Nahar presents it “Master the art of market research. Discover the right products, optimize your listings, and boost your performance” We fully stay behind his words, you can check it HERE. Another great tool its Title Optimizer, you can check it HERE.)


  1. Try not to use keywords in your titles that it’s in the name of the category.(Keywordtooldominator)


  1. Use GSP, its trustworthy and eBay says that will lift your promotions and sales up 25%.


  1. DON’T charge Sales taxes if you are not registered with the USA.


  1. Use at least 30 Days Return Shipping Policy, choose you to pay for the return.


  1. Do not put restoring fees.


  1. If you use a PRIME option on Amazon, choose fastest handling time as you can. Use a quick delivery.


  1. Do not list all listings at once, if you have the opportunity to schedule them between few hours, it’s better.


  1. Do not leave listings with a bad conversion rate hurting your STR (You can check FeesDelister, the founder Barak represent it with this sentence “Service that will show you which of your items are selling well and which are poorly performing. Will allow you to easily delete those that are wasting your money” And we can assure that this is right. You can check it HERE.)


  1. Put items with a very low margin even at 0 profit, just to sell more (the most important rule, according to eBay, for Cassini says: Sell and you will sell more.) In this line of thinking, we are preparing and blog post for “How to work in the perfect friendship with Cassini” If you want to receive notification when this topic its ready, you can subscribe to our Blog, HERE.


  1. Sell ADD-ons, someone will help you if you do not have enough orders.


  1. Do not worry about sellers who are not FBA or S & S by Amz. In other words, 3 party vendors / If they have a good rating /


  1. Do not be afraid to leave on your listings that the items have a warranty from the manufacturer / because they really have and the buyers can take advantage of that /


  1. Make a Market Research, that’s the key to a successful listing (use paid tools, like Zik AnalyticsChilli-Hunter, Seller Scout, Super Profit Spy 3.0, you can preview them when you press in their names, almost each one of them provides free trial period, you have to choose which works the best for you)


  1. Send messages to the buyers that their order has been received from you, send messages when you dispatch it, send message if it’s delivered to neighbor, send message if there will be delaying, and send messages for everything you can(Done4Today)


  1. Use cash back sites(Out blog post for Best Cashback Sites in 2018, check HERE.)


  1. Use Gift Cards.


Thanks for taking little of your precious time, we hope that we will help you in a certain point of your eBay DropShip.

We are more than sure that there are even more advices, which can be given. So if you have and you want to contribute you can contact us with the form down below.

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