A Rough Guide for Direct Steps to Real Dropship on eBay – Start Earning Right Away!

Few first steps that you need to take and consider before starting with Real Drop Shipping.

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Very brief and lite Guide for Direct Steps to Real DropShip on eBay.

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Step 1: Supplier Selections

• A successful Drop shipper seeks for quality client service and the right vendor. You might choose to source local vendor. Need to identify what shipping methods and if they offer for expedite shipment. How long does an order typically take to ship? Take note that vendor can’t guarantee their delivery times put you at risk of having dissatisfied customers.
• Are you able to use their item materials (photos, item descriptions) in your listings? Professional images and descriptions can attract an audience.
• When a supplier is selected, contact them. Make them know you’d like to become a retailer for their items and ask about their terms on drop shipping.

Step 2: Choosing the Best Products

• Pointing to a specific product with your drop shipping retail can be a great way to help your dropshipping store get bigger and promote income. Have a look at Website current trends and do some review into the products which have the best prospective–these could be good niches for your drop shipping items
• Targeting with specific niche will have a less competition. This means that your marketing efforts will be much cheaper, especially if you’re thinking of using Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords. It’ll also be easier to rank your store on search engines when you run a niche dropshipping store, which is good for your business’ long-term growth.
• It’s crucial to note that starting off your dropshipping store in a specific niche doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to expand into different areas later on. When you’ve cemented your store as a leader in that niche you can try adding related products which you believe your current customers will be interested in, which will allow you to branch out and target new customers.

Step 3: Create your eBay Seller Account

• Pay attention to eBay’s seller information center, which contains useful links and guidelines for setting up your store. Choose your account name wisely. Hostile usernames might lead buyers away (and violate eBay username policy), while clever or catchy names might lead to better sales.
• eBay may require a tax ID for seller accounts. A quick Google search will tell you how to apply for a tax ID in your state, or you can see our article on how to get a tax ID.
• Create your payment method. These methods vary by country, but all U.S. sellers are required to have either a PayPal account or a merchant credit card account.
• Create your profile page with details about your shop and its policies, including shipping and return policies. Detailing your background and credentials can be useful for certain niche markets (electronics, makeup, etc.).

Step 4: Set up Your Product Listings

• Used the details provided by your supplier, can set up your eBay listings for each item. Factors such as pricing, timing, and auction vs. Buy It Now can all be determined through a bit of product research on websites such as eBay, Amazon and other major online retailers.

Step 5: Maintain and Promote

Now that you’ve got your eBay listings, it’s time to make money!
Create a positive reputation by processing the orders as promptly as possible, and check in with your vendor on a weekly or even daily basis to make sure all exists is running the way it should.

Remove product from discontinued or out-of-stock and displace them with new listing regularly.
Answer your client’s concerns promptly and professionally, and do your best to create a positive experience that will create loyalty and encourage repeat customers.

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