Our Free “eBay Drop Shipping Complete A-Z Start-Up Guide”

We just released our “2018 eBay Drop Shipping Complete A-Z Start-Up Guide” and it’s FREE just for you my friend!

Owl Squad Free eBay-Amazon Drop Shipping Beginners guide.

PROMOTION! Usually, cost 299$ but today you are a lucky guy.

This Course will provide you with full information on how to sell on eBay from Amazon. Products that you do not own, using the DropShip model.

We from OWL-Squad have put inside in this guide a lot of hours, value and our experience. So for sure, it will help you to start with your future Drop Shipping eBay Business. Just do not forget to follow the steps and everything will be just great!

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So let’s get to business!

What’s included in this Drop Ship course for Beginners:

1. Introduction

• Who are we?

• What is our mission?

2. What exactly it is eBay DropShipping?

• Brief explaining what is eBay DS.

• The picture with DropShipping Method.

• Q&A about DS.

• What we can expect from this business model

3. How to start?

• What is eBay, how to register?

-eBay Personal Information and User Agreements.

• What is PayPal, how to register?


-What is PayPal Jail?

-Tips for PayPal Jail.

• Fixing eBay Policy

-Shipping, Payment & Return Policy

-eBay Site Preferences

4. First Steps in Amazon

• How to use Amazon?

• What is Prime?

• What to look for?

5. How to list our first item on eBay.

• Title.

• Item Specifics.

• Price calculation.

• Policies.

6. Important.


7. Finish and how to continue further.

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