Researching, Optimizing, Listings for your eBay account.

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Struggling with your eBay Dropshipping business? You need someone to make Market Research for Optimized SEO Listings or you just need evolved Snipping(undercutting) listings?


You have a daily job and your time is limited or you need to spend more with your family & friends?


You definitely need Virtual Assistant, professionally trained in making SEO with high conversion rate for your eBay DropShipping Business.


✔We are familiar with almost every lister on the marker and we know how to use it (if you still don’t use one, we can give you a suggestion that will fit perfectly your needs)

✔We can list manually on eBay.

✔We can follow strictly your needs and guidance.

✔We will make a personal offer for every new customer, depending on his needs and his budget.


What THE OWL Squad Virtual Assistant can do for you:


1.Market Research for every item.


The most important part of the job. If you want to have more sales, then you need items that are ranking well and a lot of customers are searching for them.

Using a few paid tools like Zik Analytics or Chili Hunter we will make a market research for every item that will be listed for you.

Finding trending and converting profitable items for your eBay Dropship Business its of critical importance and take a lot of time.


2.SEO – Search Engine Optimization for eBay listings.


➕Optimizing titles using Title Builder, Keywordtooldominator, TerraPeak and of course our own experience.

➕Adding additional item specifics in your eBay listings, that will include keywords and valuable information.

➕Optimizing the main picture, adding effects, flipping, editing, making collages, adding baches and stickers to make it unique. Also adding up to 6 picture.

➕Creating and adding additional valuable bullet points with keywords for optimization(SEO)on a page.

➕ We can use article spinner for even better SEO for your listings(additional agreement).

⚠If you need something more, be sure that we can make it possible, just let us know.


3.Pricing – Choosing the best price it’s crucial.


We will make competitor research for each item that we will list in your eBay Dropshipping account.

We will choose the best price according to your competitors.

So you can rank well with your SEO item among the other Drop Shippers.


There is an option to provide you .doc with URL, Title, UPC, and price if you have any issue with providing us with access to your tool.


THE OWL-Squad PRICING & Process:

Contacting us it’s of great importance. Every eBay Dropshipping seller has different needs and requirements. We can adjust our work accordingly to yours.

Regularly we are charging $/£5 per hour. We are using only PayPal for payment method(Fees are covered by the customer).

For one hour we can make approx;

  • 3 to 7 SEO Listings with Market Research.


  • 7 – 10 Undercutting (Snipped) Listings with SEO titles(only).

For Undercut(Snipped) listings we are not providing minimum profit %. Also, please notice that you will receive only SEO titles which are copy-paste from the competitors. Those listings are only for increasing your STR. They are good to be combined with SEO listings.


We will provide you 5(SEO) or 10(undercut) FREE Listings so you can check and inspect the quality of our work.

After the listings are made you have all the time in the world to contact us and to arrange everything for your future order.

Our absolutely minimum package it’s for 2 hours per day and for 7 days.
We can provide you with better prices for bigger packages.


For any kind of Pre Sale question, write us immediately HERE,




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