Shopify Online Consulting

Shopify Virtual Assistance Consulting

Want to venture into Shopify dropshipping but don’t know where to start? We’ve got the solution for you!


There’s a huge information overload these days and you can easily get lost in peoples’ opinions and so-called ”strategies”.


Most of these ”gurus” aren’t even real gurus. They don’t know the real process.


But we have a different solution. A real one.


Save TONS of time and money by one on one training & coaching with our Shopify mentor.


More than $50’000 in sales from his stores, our mentor knows what he’s talking about. He has experienced real results and real success. Start now.


0:30min – $60

0:60min – $100

120min – $180

For a bigger meeting, please contact us directly, HERE.

Please message us for arranging a day and exact time.



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