Top Cashback Sites For Dropshipping Business in 2018

Top Cashback Sites For Dropshipping Business in 2018

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Тoday we will learn:

  • What are Cashback WebSites?
  • American Websites for Cashback.
  • British Websites for Cashback.
  • German Websites for Cashback.

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  • What are Cashback Websites?

Whenever you are using eBay DropShipping or Amazon FBA, when you’re using cashback websites you can get money back as a percentage for the orders that you make. For example, when you’re placing orders from Walmart you can get 3% cashback. The same goes for Overstock where the cashback percentage is 6%.

These websites will definitely improve your profit margin if you are Dropshipping and It will also make you some extra money. The amount typically pays between 30 to 60 days. You can get paid straight to your PayPal or your Bank account.

  • American websites.

Tier 1 –,

American cashback site. It is a good website if you are in the USA. It is easy to use. You just write the store name from which you want the cashback percentage in the search bar. BeFrugal will return a window where you can click “Shop Now”. Then it will redirect you to the website, record your purchase and give you a percentage money back.  

Whenever the percentage of cashback is small on BeFrugal it is a good idea to check it on Compare and use the website with the larger percentage of cashback.

Tier 2 –,,,

Upromise is another very good American website for cashback. It is good If you are in college or are a student. If not, try asking your daughter or son to sign up for this and you can use this together with all the cashback sites.

Dubli has some restrictions on how much you can purchase from each vendor. It has its pros when you combine it with the other websites for cashback. It’s another very good option. The bad side is that you have to buy like 5 or 6 of something to qualify for a cashback.

ShopAtHome is another very useful cashback website. The best thing to do is compare percentages of which one is low and which one is higher and chose the optimal deal.

Extrabux has very good feedback and a lot of positive response.  


The same goes for these websites. They have very good percentages on cashback, but the suppliers are primarily for the UK. Examples are “Toys R Us”, “Argos”. For “Argos”, click on the supplier, click on “”Cashback” and select “Home Delivery Order”. For “Toys R Us” you can go shopping straight to the actual website and get money back to your account.

Quidco is very similar to TopCashback. Don’t forget it’s basically free money!

In Quidco also you have and options for cashback from

Zeek its great site from where you can buy gift cards for eBay, Amazon and etc.


A german website for cashback. Works pretty much the same way.


  • To sum up.

It is a good idea to go and study all of these websites. Compare prices and check for the best deals. The best and easiest to use are definitely TopCashback websites for both America and the UK. These websites will definitely save you a ton of money!

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